14.Outline of Hindi grammar with exercises


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PRACTICAL GRAMMAR F THK SWEDISH LANGUAGE WITH ItKADINC AND WRITING EXERCISES BY A. MAY Author of An l-lu-li-^h an. I of A ('"ilN'rtinii \vtslish and Mn.trlish 1 >iah>i:u i s iV:c -I VKN'TII UKYISKi) KDITION Q\( ^ STOCK HOLM ADOLF lioN n r.i.i-i \n m

ExercisesPeople in the Story Answer the questions YES or NO. 1 Did anyone else work in Lenny's office? 2 Was Lenny a policeman? 3 Did people pay Lenny to solve crimes and find missing persons? 4 Did Lenny have regular work? 5 When he was busy, did he